2015 All Out Carp Out Results

Backwater Outdoors All Out Carp Out 2015

Our 2015 Backwater Outdoors All Carp Out is now in the books!  The whole weekend and event went absolutely great!  Outside of some rain that hampered our Meet and Greet activities, awards ceremony and some tough fishing conditions for some teams, it could not have been a better weekend!  We had hundreds of participants from 28 different states come to join us!  With teams driving as far as 22 hours to enter and coming from as far as Idaho, this turned out to be the premiere bowfishing event of the spring!   We were able to give out over $53,000 in cash and prize value in 2 days, with our overall winner taking home over $14,000 worth of cash and prizes!  We also were able to remove over 10,000 of invasive fish from our waterways here!

Here are the final standings and winners:

Day 1 Results:

Biggest Carp Night 1 by a Lady: 29.34 lb – Megon Reid

7 AM Cash Winners: 1st place – 31.22 lb – Jerry Broadax 2nd place – 27.08 lb – Adam Bearden 3rd place – 27.00 lb – Jay Peacock

4 AM Cash Winners: st place – 30.10 lb – Daegan Phillips 2nd place – 29.48 lb -Scott Mcdaniel 3rd place – 28.76 – James Ricks

1 AM Oneida Osprey Bow Package Winner: 30.07 lb – Chas Higdon

10 PM Cash Winners: st place – 33.30 lb – Chas Higdon (Shirt Bonus) 2nd place – 28.66 lb – Trent Green 3rd place – 27.96 lb – Adam Hall

First 18.0 Lb Carp Winner  Joe Finney

First 20.0 Lb Carp Winner  Tyler Boles

Day 2 Results:

Biggest Carp Night 2 by a Lady: Ashley Hitt – 26.70 lb common carp

7 AM Cash Winners: 1st place – 32.84 lb – Justin Poole 2nd place – 30.78 lb – Jeremy Sanderlin 3rd place – 29.60 lb – Josh Hyatt

4 AM Cash Winners: 1st place – 33.16 lb – David Stockstill 2nd place – 32.30 lb – Michael Evans 3rd place – 29.48 lb – Jaron Franks

1 AM Winner of the Oneida Osprey Bow Package: 28.62 lb – Jonathon Johns

10 PM Cash Winners: 1st place – 33.22 lb – Scott Baxter (Shirt Bonus) 2nd place – 31.46 lb – Robert Allums 3rd place – 26.40 lb Brent Word

Congrats to our overall winners!

1st Place – Chas Higdon – 33.30 lb common carp 2nd Place – Scott Baxter – 33.22 lb common carp 3rd Place – David Stockstill – 33.16 common carp

BAA Winning Member Bonus – Chas Higdon

Grass Carp – Michael Mahnke – 58.6 lbs

Ladies Night 1 – Megon Reid – 29.34 lb common carp

Ladies Night 2 – Ashley Hitt – 26.70 lb common carp

Youth Overall Common Carp – Kevin Robinson – 19.88 common carp

Youth Overall Grass Carp – Brandon Hargrove – 37.66 lbs

I’d also like to give a big thanks to the city of Guntersville, AL and councilman Dink Myers for all their assistance in providing us a place to have the event, and much more!  We are looking forward to coming back there next year for the 2nd Annual All Out Carp Out!

Thanks to all our participants who came from all over!  We hope you enjoyed yourselves and hopefully you were able to take home some good memories and prizes, even if you weren’t in the winner’s chairs!


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