Backwater Outdoors Big Fish Bowfishing Challenge 2014


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The biggest bowfishing event of the summer is coming August 16, 2014. The 6th Annual Backwater Outdoor Big Fish Challenge is one of the highest paying and best bowfishing tournaments in the United States. Each year participants come from all over the United States to fish the waters of the famous Lake Guntersville, some of the best freshwater bowfishing anywhere in U.S. in pursuit of huge grass carp, buffalo, and other bowfishing species. With a huge payout and great prizes including several new bows and more, this tournament is one not to miss! Teams consist of up to 4 people so entry is affordable. Pre-registration has started now, you can register here or call 256-776-9109.

All teams pre-registered will have a chance to win an Oneida Osprey, fully rigged AMS Swamp Thing bow, Cajun Sucker Punch Bow, Mission Menace Bow, Yeti Cooler, Recon Outdoors Trail Cameras, Bow cases and gear bags from RPM Bowfishing, luggage set from Brownell Archery, Thermacells, Yeti swag, hunting and bowfishing arrows, bowfishing reels, Outdoor Edge knives, archery equipment, hats, shirts, and more!   Each person on the team will receive a ticket for a chance to win some of the big items including the bows and the other items will be on the prize table!  Drawing for the giveaway items will start at 5:30 PM August 16th!

Also the Monster Energy team and Monster girls will be there from 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM giving out Monster Energy Drinks and Monster gear, so make sure to be there for that!

Official Tournament Rules:

Backwater Big Fish Challenge Rules

Register here now:

Registrations before 10:00 AM CST will not be accepted!

Entries before 10:00 AM June 23rd will not be accepted.  Or call 256-776-9109 to register by phone.  Entries will be time stamped based on online entries and phone calls.  Online entry will be your fastest way to enter.  Don’t forget to enter your team members names when registering online in the special instructions section.

Here’s a few of our prizes:

Backwater Outdoors Big Fish Challenge Official Tournament Rules


These Rules will be STRICTLY ENFORCED!

  1. By entering this event, you and your team submit to all rules provided in this list.
  2. Each participant must have an Alabama fishing license and all proper state fishing licenses.
  3. At least one team member and registered boat must be present at blast off.
  4. Each team must have proper registration papers and registration numbers.
  5. All airboats must have a muffler on engine.
  6. Each boat must have the following safety equipment: Running lights, fire extinguisher, one throwable life preserver, horn or whistle, and one life jacket per person.
  7. All boats must be in compliance with all state and federal regulations pertaining to vessels
  8. Each team member must wear a Coast Guard approved life jacket anytime the boat is on plane.
  9. No wading (for safety reasons) Bows must remain in boat.
  10. Alcoholic beverages are PROHIBITED during tournament hours.
  11. Two to Four persons per team, one team per boat. (No passengers)
  12. All boats will leave and return to Backwater Outdoors for blast off and weigh in at designated times.
  13. Trailering will be allowed from the tournament site to any public boat ramp on public waters.
  14. The winner each division will be decided by the heaviest specified fish in that category (Heaviest grass carp (white amur), heaviest buffalo, heaviest common carp, and heaviest wild card fish (any legal species for bowfishing excluding catfish and the other three fish categories).  Heavy 4 Fish format will be determined by four fish total (1 grass carp, 1 buffalo, 1 common carp, and 1 wild card fish).
  15. Wildcard fish will be deemed as any legal bowfishing species besides common carp, buffalo, grass carp (white amur), or catfish.
  16. Cash or check will be given away to the team shooting the heaviest fish (by weight) in each of the 4 fish categories and heavy stringer category.  It is the TEAM’s responsibility to enter their fish into the Big Fish categories!
  17. Tie breakers will be as follows:  Big grass carp tiebreaker will be biggest buffalo from each tied team, big buffalo tie breaker will be big grass carp from each tied team, and big common carp tie breaker will be big buffalo from each team.  Heavy stringer category tie breaker will be heaviest overall fish from the tied teams.
  18. It will be the responsibility of the TEAM to determine the largest fish from the count to be weighed and measured by tournament officials to be used for tiebreakers.
  19. Scales used at the tournament will be official scales for tournament and all judged weights are final and not open for dispute.
  20. By entering the tournament each participant may be subject to random polygraph test.  Failure of the polygraph test will result in that team’s disqualification from the tournament and forfeiture of entry fee.
  21. Payouts listed for fish categories and heavy 4 fish are estimated on potential attendance and may vary based on turnout.
  22. Scouting may be done anytime.
  23. No baiting of chumming of fish.
  24. Teams must assist in the handling and the removal of fish from weigh in area.
  25. Fish entries must be taken with bow (compound, recurve, longbow or crossbow) and bowfishing arrows only.
  26. All arrows must have a line attached to it for retrieval.
  27. No dip nets, or gigs will be allowed in the boats. Gaff hooks with a single hook and total length of no more than 6’ will be allowed for landing big fish.
  28. All boats will be subjected to a random inspection by tournament officials 24 hrs. prior to and until the end of the Tournament.
  29. Each team will be allowed the use of only ONE boat during the tournament. If mechanical trouble requires the use of another boat, that boat must be inspected and registered at the tournament site prior to leaving the tournament site.
  30. All boats will leave when their number is called by the starting official, and in order in which the entries were received.
  31. Suspected transferring of fish between teams will result in the disqualification of all teams involved.
  32. No fish may be transferred from one team’s boat to another team FOR ANY REASON!
  33. All BOATS must make OFFICIAL FISH WEIGH IN. Failure to do so will result in the disqualification and forfeiture of entry fee.  No grace period will be allowed.  Official time is kept by the tournament director.  You must be in the weigh in line at the tournament site by or before official ending time.
  34. No unsportsmanlike like conduct will be tolerated.  Teams must keep a respectable distance between boats, no crowding and no “owning” a fishing spot.
  35. The decisions of the Tournament officials will be FINAL!!
  36. Failure to comply with Tournament Rules will result in disqualification, and the entry fee will be FORFEITED!
  37. Tournament hosts and sponsors will not be responsible for injuries, accidents or lost property.
  38. Tournament officials are not responsible in assistance for towing or aid to disabled vessels
  39. Entry fees are non-refundable for any reason
  40. All participants will respect the rights and privacy of all non-participants on or around the water. Please be courteous and polite.
  41. Restricted areas are enforced for this tournament.  No fishing in these areas during tournament hours.  Violators will be disqualified.
  42. No air powered motors in Federal Wildlife refuges (ex: Wheeler Wildlife Refuge)
  43. All teams must be courteous to homeowners and try to avoid houses and populated areas.

Red Zone Areas: (Maps will be available for participants) (A map of these areas is available to view at Backwater Outdoors or order from Backwater Outdoors)

  • Jones Creek area from BB Comer Bridge to mouth of Jones Creek, between island and east bank.
  • Browns Creek from Hwy 69 Causeway to power lines
  • Spring Creek (City of Guntersville) (Starting at the mouth from river channel and including all areas within including Pole Cat Creek)
  • East Bank from northern mouth of Spring to southern mouth of Short Creek including Signal Point area
  • Guntersville Yacht Club Slue
  • From Guntersville Boat Mart Marina HWY 69 shoreline from Boat Mart to the beginning of Streets Bluff Park.
  • Dripping Spring Branch. slue.
  • Jagger Branch Slue (on Honeycomb Cr)
  • Seibold Creek (The area around Riverbend Condo’s and Marina and Anchorage Marina).
  • Beech Creek (West of Co. Rd 14).
  • All Marinas (No boats within 300 feet of any marina area)
  • Goose Pond Park/Marina Area
  • Jackson County Park (From mouth of river channel, all areas including Roseberry Creek)
  • Areas closed by state to bowfishing


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