Top 5 products to complete your fishing equipment – Having the best fishing equipment is essential for a successful day. A sports discipline as technical as this always needs the best tools available, while being oriented to the type of fishing you want to practice. It is also essential that they have the best technology and resistant materials, such as the following options that you will want to have.

  1. Garmin fish tracker

This fish tracker comes with a highly sensitive integrated GPS that can relate the points of travel that have been marked. It includes a rechargeable sealed battery and a portable kit, which makes it perfect for canoe fishing, ice or kayaking.

Its Garmin CHIRP technology provides clear images of the contours of the bottom so that you get a better interpretation of what is below, while it manages to do a low-to-high frequency sweep to create fishing arches.

  1. Fishing pliers

These fishing pliers made of corrosion-resistant steel are designed with a slightly bent nose and toothed jaw to facilitate grip. You can get them in various colors.

It is undoubtedly an ideal choice for you to simplify your fishing, as they serve to remove the hook and the split ring, as well as the cut braided line or leader line. This package includes a belt case for convenient storage and a spiral cable to prevent them from falling into the water.

  1. Beginner fishing Kit

This fishing kit is perfect for beginners, as it includes everything you need: rod, fishing reel, lures, fishing line, hooks, lead, and fishing bag.

It is a portable model built with carbon and a blend of fiberglass, ensuring a durable and durable fishing rod. It also comes with interchangeable handle from left to right to facilitate your Fishing Day.

  1. Fishing net

This fishing net is made of carbon fiber and fiberglass. Likewise, the mesh is made of nylon covered with a waterproof layer to prevent odor absorption of bacteria sticking.

It is constructed in a triangular way to save effort by immersing it in the water, making it easier to catch and release. Also, it has a folding design so that you can transport them easily or store them in the belt clip.

  1. Set of lures

This set of fishing gear comes with sharp hooks and tricks that make it the perfect equipment for catching fish. The pieces come with detailed, colorful patterns and bearings with steel balls to provide advantages at the time of Capture.

This set of lures is undoubtedly the best option if you love going fishing at sea, pond, lake, pool, or river. It also includes a survival tool and a mini flashlight.

  1. What fishing reel to buy?

There are two types of reels: the multiplier reel and the fixed reel. They’re both good. However, the multiplier can become very problematic for a beginner as this type of Reel can be easily rolled. This means that the line can be tangled very easily in itself and you will have to spend more time untangling it than fishing, which is not the case with fixed reels.

So, according to our point of view for a beginner in the fishing world, the fixed reel is “always” the best option.

  1. What line to use?

Opinions will vary greatly on this subject. However, here are some suggestions.

While a plaiting line may be useful in some cases, for coastal fishing, the best option is to use a monofilament line on the reel.

It should be noted that a regular fisherman does not usually use a line exceeding 10 pounds or 15 pounds. However, if you are a beginner, we recommend that you check the reel instructions that you have purchased which yarn is recommended for that model.

Also, if you finally buy a multiplier reel, don’t trust it and verify which one is recommended in the instructions of your reel as it may vary according to the model and not always use the same line. We also recommend that you make sure you have sharp hooks and that the tie knot is on the side of your reel before you throw it into the sea.