The United States is an excellent destination if we want to embark on a fishing adventure because within its geography, we find large areas of waters, whether sea, river, or lake.

Grab your fishing rod and head for the city of Ketchum, located in Idaho, where the Big Wood River sits, considered one of the largest rivers in the country, and the ideal place to fish as we will find no less than 68 varieties of fish, where Trout stand out.

Now let’s go to the village of Pocahontas in West Virginia. In this area of few inhabitants, we will find eight rivers, where on its banks we can take a variety of insects that will serve as bait to make our fishing more fruitful.

Then we will travel to Sunriver in Oregon, an ideal place for a relaxing holiday because it has a temperate climate and perfect spaces for beginners in fishing because the waters of its rivers are transparent, which facilitates the activity.

More fishing places are in Florida. An example of this is the Florida Keys, which are a chain of more than 1700 Islands and coral reefs, south of Miami. This is one of the places most besieged by fishermen because here they inhabit tuna and marlines.

One of the most touristic Keys is Key West or Key West. We can also choose to visit Island Morada, considered the capital of the World Fishing Center. Other notable places are Destin Beach and Boca Grande.

An excellent option for an adventurous fishing lake holiday. Discover the Great Lakes in the United States, and learn more about these natural wonders.

  1. Lake Erie

Lake exposed to agriculture and urbanization, being shallow in spring and summer is hot and in winter freezes. The surrounding soils are very fertile.

  1. Lake Huron

Hydraulically linked to Michigan by Mackinac. On the shores of this lake extend sandy and rocky beaches of the Bay of Georgia. Covering parts of Ontario and Michigan.

  1. Lake Michigan

307 km long and 1600 km of coastline. In the coldest region of the country, however, in the South is Chicago and Milwaukee. The largest freshwater lake in the United States and the fifth-largest in the world. The beaches of Lake Michigan, especially those of the West, are famous for their great beauty. The sand is white and soft, and often high dunes cover the surroundings. The water is surprisingly fresh and bright, almost crystalline. Most of the beaches in this place are distinguished from Wisconsin across the lake. Besides this, there are some beautiful natural parks.

  1. Lake Superior

Of the largest lakes, and the largest surface among all freshwater lakes worldwide. Its amount of water could fill four more lakes of average size and still have liquid to fill several more basins. It is the deepest and coldest, spanning Michigan, Ontario, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Much of the surrounding area is wooded, sparsely planted and populated, as its soils are poor, poorly fertile and the climate is freezing.

  1. Lake Ontario

Similar to Lake Erie but deeper. Its basin covers in New York, Pennsylvania, and Ontario.

The alternatives do not end here because there are many places for fishing in the United States.