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Here’s the list of our bowfishing tournaments for 2014:

Here are the dates and times for the tournament series this year.  This has been a great series we’ve ran for the past few years with great turnouts.  We have an open class and sportsman class so these shoots fit everybody from the beginners to the best.  Hope to see a bunch of you there, we always have a good time! We have made some rule changes and a weigh in location change to make it more convenient for shooters.

Backwater Outdoors 2014 Bowfishing Tournament Series

Date/Time Event Other information


6 PM—3 AM          February Shoot           Blast off at Backwater Outdoors, weigh in at Waterfront Grocery


7 PM—3 AM          March Shoot           Blast off at Backwater Outdoors, weigh in at Waterfront Grocery


7 PM—3 AM          May Shoot           Blast off at Backwater Outdoors, weigh in at Waterfront Grocery


7 PM—3 AM          June Shoot           Blast off at Backwater Outdoors, weigh in at Waterfront Grocery


7  PM—3 AM          July Shoot                   Blast off at Backwater Outdoors, weigh in at Waterfront Grocery


7 PM—7 AM          Backwater Big Fish Challenge       Blast off at Backwater Outdoors, weigh in at Backwater Outdoors


7 PM—6 AM          Championship Shoot          Blast off at Backwater Outdoors, weigh in at Waterfront Grocery


1. Entry fee will be $60 with $10 going towards the points championship, 100% payback on all shoots. Up to 4 man teams.

2. Tournament format will be Big 5 (Five biggest fish) with a 1 grass carp limit (in the boat) for each regular tournament.       No Catfish not allowed.

3. Each tournament will leave from the Backwater Outdoors store in Gurley, AL, and weigh in at Waterfront Grocery (except the Big Fish Challenge)

4. There will 2 classes for shooters: Open Class (includes airboats, fanboats, mud motors, kicker motors, jet drives, fishing by outboard) and Sportsman Class (includes trolling motors and push poles only). If there are not enough boats to split classes at a particular shoot, participants may vote to combine the shoot into one open class.

5. Each team will register a team name at their first attended shoot, shooter s for this team may vary throughout the year but you must use the same team name in order for us to keep track of attendance for the championship shoot and points. Teams will consist of up to four people.

6.  Championship Shoot in September:

a) Each team must shoot 3 of the regular shoots or 2 shoots and the Big Fish Challenge to attend the championship in September.

b) Entry fee for the championship shoot will be $100 with 10% to big fish

c) Championship format will be Big 10 with a 1 grass carp limit in the boat with one class for all

7. Tournament times are non-negotiable, at least one person and the boat must be at the pre-tournament meeting 1 hour before blast off

8.  Each team must handle their own fish at weigh in

9.  Red zones will be strictly enforced.  A map of red zones is available at Backwater Outdoors

10.  Sportsman Class winners are not required to move up, but can choose to move up to Open class, once you move up you cannot move back down.

11.  Points will be kept for each shoot and an overall points champion for each division will receive a trophy and the cash from shoot entrants

Backwater Outdoors 2014 Bowfishing Tournament Series Points Championship

This year we are bringing back our points system for the tournament series with some exciting new changes.  There will be a points championship for both the Open Class and Sportsman Class.

Here are the rules for the points championship:

1. 300 points will be given for first place in a regular tournament shoot (all except the Big Fish Challenge and Championship shoot).  Places will drop in 10 point increments for each subsequent place (2nd place gets 290, 3rd gets 280, etc).  This will go all the way down to all the boats that weigh in.  If you register but do not weigh in you will still receive 100 points.

2. Points for the Big Fish Challenge will start at 400 points and drop by 10 for each place.  There are no separate divisions for this shoot so whatever points you accumulate in this shoot so whatever points you accumulate in this shoot will go towards your total in whatever division you are currently in.  Each big fish category winner in the Big Fish Challenge will also earn you an additional 50 points per category.  Teams that fish and do not weigh in at  the Big Fish Challenge will receive 150 points.

3. Points for the Championship shoot will be doubled.  There will be an additional 100 points for the biggest fish of the championship shoot.  We will not have a big fish category for regular series shoots.  You must shoot at least 3 of the series or 2 shoots and the big fish challenge to qualify for the championship shoot.

4. $10 of each each entry fee will go towards the points championship.  Points winners for each category will win the cash pot for this and a trophy.

5. Teams must register with the same team name for each shoot but shooters may vary each week.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    6. Each team will be allowed to drop their lowest point shoot for the season

All Backwater shoots will be BAA Sanctioned by the Bowfishing Association of America.  This will allow BAA members to accumulate points towards Bowfishermen of the Year, Team of the Year, etc.  Make sure to join the BAA before the season starts at

We will also be combining with Copperhead Outdoors for the Fun 5 Shoot June 28th (Shoot 5 different species to weigh in) and the Bowfishing for Breast Cancer Benefit Shoot Oct 4th.  Teams can register at Backwater Outdoors or Copperhead Outdoors with a combined weigh in at a location TBD.

Looking forward to an exciting year of bowfishing!

Also this year will be helping host the Muzzy Classic Bowfishing tournament for the 10th straight year, one of the biggest best bowfishing tournament in the entire U.S.

The Muzzy Classic continues to be one of the best and longest running bowfishing tournaments in the U.S.  Hosted on Guntersville Lake, home of some of the best bowfishing in the United States.  Guntersville Lake consistently brings out some of the biggest fish anywhere with huge grass carp, buffalo, common carp, gar and more!  Make sure not to miss this one!

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