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The vision for the All Out Carp Out began in 2014 after hearing from tournament competitors who were looking for something different.  People were looking for something different!  The same teams that spent the most time and money always won all the major tournaments.  Nothing wrong with that and those teams always earned it, but the little guy wanted to have a chance too.  This is where the All Out Carp Out came from.  We wanted a fun format where anybody had a chance and there were lots of ways to win, not just who shot the most or biggest piles of fish.

After researching different formats throughout all venues of fishing, we came up with the formula for the All Out Carp Out.  With the biggest prize being for the overall biggest fish of the tournament and lots of other ways to win.  This was totally new and unheard of in the bowfishing community.  We also decided to make the tournament focus on the removal of invasive species fish which is positive for the environment as well.  With the format of hourly winners, overall winners, side pots and prizes that anybody has to win, the All Out Carp Out was born!

In March of 2015, the All Out Carp Out debuted in Guntersville Alabama.  With 320+ participants it was one of the biggest bowfishing tournaments in history and a great success.  People really loved the format so we were knew were onto something and could make it bigger and better.  So for 2016 we decided to go all in!

First order of business was have the biggest prize ever!  We decided a new top of the line boat would be the ultimate prize!  We contacted our friends at Monster Custom Boats and the plan was on!  The 2016 Backwater Outdoors Edition Monster Custom Airboat would be the grand prize!

This in combination with huge hourly payouts, tons of great prizes and lots of ways to win would be the recipe for the 2016 Carp Out!

As the weeks grew near the anticipation and hype were at an all time high.  A week before the tournament begin teams were already arriving in Alabama to scout for their chance to win this boat.  Social media was lit up with the #CarpOut everywhere.  The weather was beautiful, water was clear and big fish were all over!  Nobody would tell you they were seeing big fish of course with this amount of money on the line, but they were definitely around.

At Backwater Outdoors it was a frenzy all week with teams coming by to check out bowfishing gear and pick up their extra door prize tickets.  We thought we were prepared for this rush but by the end of the week the store was almost picked clean by the end of the week by the hundreds and hundreds of bow fishermen from across the country.  Teams from 35 different states flocked to Alabama including New York, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Idaho, Texas, Nebraska, and even one team from Ontario Canada.  Hotels up to over an hour away in every direction were full of bowfishermen from all over.

After a great week of scouting mother nature decides to wield her hand in the event.  Storms, rain and even tornadoes ripped through the area dropping over an inch of rain and the temperatures by about 15 degrees.

Friday started out great for the Alabama Bowfishing Expo before the Carp Out. The weather was great and over a dozen vendors from the top bowfishing companies filled the Guntersville Harbor Marina with the latest in bowfishing gear and free goodies for participants.  1000 participants, almost 400 boats, and several hundred spectators filled up the area.  A great barbecue meal was also prepared by the city of Guntersville for all 100o participants.  At 2:30 Backwater Outdoors owner Bryan Hughes went over the tournament rules, presented last year’s winner Chas Higdon with his replica of his 2015 winning Carp Out fish, and gave away over 100 hundred door prizes including guided bowfishing trips, over 20 bows, and lots of great bowfishing and hunting gear.  As the afternoon went on, teams dispersed to their secret fishing locations awaiting the 7:00 start time.

The night began strong for many teams with some great fish coming in but mother nature would soon show her wrath again. The wind began to pick up and the muddy water made it tough for some teams to find fish, but some great fish were still being taken.  The 4:00 and 7:00 AM weigh ins had the strongest showing of the night and gave way to to some huge fish at the top of the leaderboard.

Night 1 Results:

10:00 PM Results

1st – 28.60 Michael Maggard – $2000

2nd – 26.65 Joe Yerdon – $750

3rd – 25.60 Andrew Giles – $500

4th – 24.95 Anthony Morris – $250

5th – 24.90 Hunter Towndson – $100

20.0 Carp Pot – Chase Scroggins – $1000

1:00 AM Results

1st – 25.75 Corey Brossman – Oneida Osprey Bow Package

2nd – 25.35 Brandon Helms – AMS E-Rad Bow Package

3rd – 25.35 Jonathan Johns – Muzzy Bow Package

18.0 Carp Pot – Matt Tucker – $1000

4 AM Results:

1st – 34.95 Clay Elvis – $1000

2nd – 32.75 Lewis Young – $750

3rd – 28.50 John Dyer – $500

4th – 28.10 Cody Edmondson – $250

5th – 27.60 Jason Gibson – $100

7:00 AM Results:

1st – 33.70 Bradley Britt – $1000
2nd – 30.45 Jeff Neiball – $750
3rd – 30.30 Jeff Jester – $500
4th – 30.10 Brigham Watson – $250
5th – 29.40 Brett Miller – $100

Tagged Target Bonus – Magon Lord – $1500

Night 1 Overall Results:
1st – 34.95 Clay Elvis
2nd – 33.70 Bradley Britt
3rd – 32.75 Lewis Young

Women’s Night 1 Largest Common Carp Winner – 20.20 Stacy Mckie

Youth Largest Common Carp – 26.45 Kyle Orr

Largest Grass Carp – 51.40 Tyler Strayer

Night 2 would prove to be a little tougher than night 1.  Many teams changed locations and the temperatures dropped even more providing a cool windy evening.  Great fish continued to be brought in but the teams really had to work for them.  Here are the night 2 results.

Night 2 Results:

10:00 PM Results:

1st – 28.20 – Matthew Tucker – $2000 (T-shirt bonus)

2nd – 25.65 – Scott Roettger – $750

3rd – 22.85 – Scott Adams – $500

4th – 19.90 Rick Ray – $250

5th – 18.85 Bucky Granderson – $100

1:00 AM Results:

1st – 27.55 – Jerrod Bibb – Oneida Osprey Bow Package

2nd – 26.50 – Greg Campbell – Fin Finder Poseidon Bow Package

3rd – 25.65 – Magon Lord – Cajun Bowfishing Bow Package

Tagged Target Bonus – Kyle Martin – $1500

4:00 AM Results:

1st – 33.35 – Greg Campbell – $1000

2nd – 31.15 – Andy Campbell – $750

3rd – 28.10 – Earl Alexander – $500

4th – 28.05 – Jarrod Schmidt – $250

5th – 27.35 – Matt Pritchett – $100

7:00 AM Results:

1st- Collin Rosson- 28.30 – $1000
2nd- Devin Dunn- 27.40 – $750
3rd- Tyson Henry- 26.90 – $500
4th- Glen Ledbetter- 26.65 – $250
5th- Robert Allums- 26.35 – $100

And with that the All Out Carp Out was a wrap!  The event couldn’t have went any smoother outside of the conditions.  With nearly 400 bowfishing boats on the water and no complaints, we call that a success!

Here were the final overall winners:

1st – 34.95 Clay Elvis – $85,000 2016 Backwater Outdoors Edition Monster Custom Boats Airboat

2nd – 33.70 Bradley Britt – $10,000

3rd – 33.35 Greg Campbell – $5,000

Ladies Night 1 Common Carp Winner:

Staci Mckie – 20.20 – Muzzy Bow Package

Ladies Night 2 Common Carp Winner:

Magon Lord – 25.65 – Misson Archery Bow Package

Overall Largest Grass Carp – 51.40 – Tyler Strayer – $5000

Youth Overall Winner – 26.45 – Kyle Orr – $150 Backwater Outdoors Gift Card

We want to thank everybody that came out from all over the U.S. and even beyond!  A big thanks also to the city of Guntersville for providing a great meal for everybody Friday at the Alabama Bowfishing Expo!  We hope you enjoyed your time here and we hope to see you at the All Out Carp Out (KY) for the same great action at a new location!  Be sure to check our Backwater Outdoors Facebook page for more pictures from the event.  Thank you again for making the 2016 All Out Carp Out (AL) a huge success!

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