Carp Out Kentucky 2016 – Bigheads for big payouts!


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Anticipation had grown for months for the All Out Carp Out event in Eddyville, KY.  With the success of the event in Alabama, almost 400 people and 150 teams from across the country couldn’t wait to try their hand at the Asian carp population in northwest Kentucky.

Tournament week started off great with warm weather, fish everywhere and the excitement was through the roof.  We got to do some shooting a few days before the event started, the shooting was good and we couldn’t wait for the event to start.  Then in usual bowfishing tournament form, mother nature decided to throw in a wrench for everybody.  Cold weather and rain moved in just in time for the Carp Out.  Friday morning started out with rain and cool temperatures.  This didn’t stop a great turnout for the Kentucky Bowfishing at the Lee S. Jones Park Convention Center.  Participants and spectators got to check out the latest in bowfishing gear, boats, and more.  After a quick team meeting, door prizes were drawn for participants and then teams were off to secure their spot for the evening.

The All Out Carp Out KY was even the top story on the Paducah, KY news on Friday night!

WPSD Local 6: Your news, weather, and sports authority

As nightfall came, temperatures fell 10 to 15 degrees below normal and the fog set in, making for some tough shooting conditions.  Despite less than ideal conditions, many teams were still able to find some great fish making for some exciting weigh ins for night one.

Friday 10 PM weigh in at The All Out Carp Out (KY)
1-52.7 Travis Aguiree $2000 Tshirt winner
2-44.8 Matt Helm $750
3-32.51 Ron Bragg $500
4-31.94 Michael Feezor $250
5-29.23 Travis Spiceland $100

Youth- 44.8 Matt Helm
Women-20.00 Kim Nichols
Silver carp – 14.8

20.0 Exact Bighead Carp – Kim Nichols

Friday 1am weigh in.
1. 46.78 Damien Loveless won an Oneida Osprey
2. 31.76 Lance Moffet
Muzzy Addict package
3. 25.84 Jeff Wampler
Muzzy Addict bow and muzzy reel

Innerloc Tagged Target Bonus – Steve Herman $1000

Friday Night 4 AM Results:
1- 57.80 Damien Loveless
2- 56.40 Jermi Redden
3. 44.50 Ben Newton
4. 38.25 Steven Lane
5. 36.78 Nick Sailor

Friday Night 7 AM Results:

1. 61.30 Damien Loveless – $1000
2. 53.60 Cody Rager – $750
3. 44.79 Jeff Wampler – $500
4. 40.10 Jermi Redden – $250
5. 39.02 Ryan Teitloff – $100

Day 1 Tournament Overall Leaders

1. Damien Loveless 61.30
2. Jermi Redden 57.80
3. Damien Loveless 56.40

Youth Overall Leader
Matt Helms 44.80

Women’s night 1 winner
Kim Nichols 24.98

Day 2 of Carp Out started at noon on Saturday to allow daytime shooting, but high wind didn’t make for great daytime shooting like it normally would be this time of year.

Day 2 6 PM Weigh in Results:
1- 21.60 Randy Mack
2- 20.70 Zach Wilhite
3- 18.16 Josh Goodhue
4- 17.21 Derek Mack
5- 13.44 Daniel Epley

Day 2 10 PM Weigh in Results:
1. 44.80 Sawyer York
2. 28.55 Jordan Reichmutch
3. 26.89 Robert Phillips
4. 24.32 Zack McCandless
5. 22.33 Stephen Lane

Day 2 1 AM Weigh in Results:

1. 29.87 Josh Neal
Fin Finder Poseidon bow package
2. 27.32 Caleb Marshall
Muzzy Addict bow package 
3. 25.87 Micheal Smith
Fin Finder recurve bow package

Silver Carp: 27.21

Innerloc Tagged Target Bonus Winner:

Mitchell Welty

Day 2 4 AM Weigh in Results:

  1. 61.70 Damian Loveless – $1000
  2. 31.48 Steve Herman – $750
  3. 27.55 Kerry Robison – $500
  4. 27.35 Lance Moffett – $250
  5. 26.56 Caleb – $100

Day 7 AM Final Weigh in Results:

1- 77.40 Jermi Redden
2- 32.99 Josh Harding
3- 30.06 Ryan Snook
4- 27.02 Steve Johnson
5- 26.69 Garrett Adams
Ladies Division
23.39 Macayla Dowdy

The All Out Carp Out (KY)

Overall Results
1- 77.40 Jermi Redden
2- 61.70 Damian Loveless
3- 61.30 Damian Loveless 
$26,800 total

Youth Division
1- 44.80 Matt Helm
$150 gift card

Ladies Division
1st Night- 24.68 Kim Nichols
AMS bow package

2nd Night- 23.39 Macayla Dowdy
Cajun Sucker Punch bow package

Silver Carp
1- 27.21 Tony Boisseau

Congrats to all our winners!

It was a dominating performance by Damian Loveless and Jermi Redden, taking home the top 3 places and multiple hourly weigh ins.  This resulted in them taking home $26,800 in cash and prizes, not bad for a couple days of bowfishing.  A great time was had by all and over 34,000 lbs of invasive bighead and silver carp were removed from the waterways!

We want to give a huge thanks to Feradyne Outdoors, Muzzy Bowfishing, the Catch A Dream Foundation and all the companies that made the Kentucky Carp Out a success.  The Backwater staff deserves a huge thanks for all the help throughout the weekend and the years worth of planning that went into the event.  Also thanks to Lyon County Judge Wade White, Debi Dodd of the Lake Barkley Tourist Commission, the city of Eddyville and Lyon County Kentucky.  We could not have done it without the help of all of these people.

With the huge success of the event and the great economic impact it brought, local officials asked us if we would go ahead and schedule the event for 2017.  So the All Out Carp Out for 2017 is set for June 30 – July 2, 2017.  We will be giving away a boat, more cash, more prizes and a few surprises with some more species to include the lake areas!  It will be bigger and better than ever!  Thanks again for making the event great and we look forward to seeing you in 2017.

And always remember….don’t be Boat C!!!

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