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Hydro-Turf is a lightweight traction matting made from EVA Foam. The closed cell technology used in manufacturing Hydro-Turf makes it superior in many ways: Noise Reduction – reduces noise and vibration for a more pleasurable boating experience. In addition, helps soften or muffle in-boat noises while bowfishing. Full Color – through and through color no matter how much Hydro-Turf is scrubbed or cleaned, or exposed to the elements. Its color will not fade or mildew. Closed Cell Technology – this technology makes Hydro-Turf soil resistant and non-water absorbent, making for quick and easy clean-up and drying. Also resistant to petroleum products. Foot comfort – helps provide a non-slip cushioning to reduce those aching feet from standing all night. Heat Reduction – gives you the convenience to walk on its surface with no painful heat or burning. Glare Reduction – dramatically reduces glare reflected from aluminum or bright surfaces. Hydro-Turf provides cushion, comfort, and peace of mind knowing that you and fellow riders will be protected by a non-skid surface while maneuvering around the boat. Hydro-Turf is great for customizing any boat. It comes in a wide array of colors and is easily installed using either our 3M Peel and Stick sheets, or our standard sheets applied with contact cement. Can also be used for many other things including showers, swimming pools, deer stands, duck boats, the possibilities are endless. Sheets are 40″ x 62″ x 5.5mm (thick) Available with or without adhesive backing. Available with shown colors as well as mud brown and duck boat green. Available with shown surface styles. Ships direct from the manufacturer, please allow up to two-three weeks for delivery.

Please call us for ordering: 256-776-9109

$ 94.95

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