TechnoHunt Interactive Range


"As Real As It Gets!" TechnoHunt puts archers eye-to-eye with virtually every kind of game they could ever hunt!  From forest to desert or jungle to mountain slopes, take your virtual hunt to any habitat on the planet. 

The TechnoHunt System 300 System offers an amazing variety of superbly produced scenarios.  Filmed up close by professional and adventurous wildlife photographers, the cinematography is motion picture quality and will put you in their place.  Scenes are stable, bright and vividly dramatic with continually refreshed scenarios.  Archers embark on a stunningly real life excursion using their own bow and arrows affixed with exclusive tips. 

TechnoHunt Pricing & Details

Time may be purchased by ½ hour or hour and should be reserved ahead of time.

½ Hour 1 Hour
One Shooter: $10 $18
Two Shooters: $9 $17
Three Shooters: $8 $15

Rates are per person


** Maximum of 3 People.

** Enables all 3 Shooters to shoot at the same scenario at the same time.

** Pricing same as above. 

Prior to Shooting all Shooters MUST:

• Pay for a Scheduled Time

• Leave your driver’s license/credit card at Customer Service.

• You will then receive your tips.

Upon Completion of Shooting:

• Return all tips to Customer Service.

• Receive driver’s license/credit card back.

Walk Ins are welcome but you may have to wait for a turn.

Please call us to reserve your time: 256-776-9109